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Industrial Commission to FACS – Do more for unplaced staff

IRC to FACS – Do more for unplaced staff – December 2015 (PDF version)

The Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) has recommended FACS do more to assist unplaced staff find jobs in the new OneFACS structure, prior to the proposed Phase 4 external advertisement.

The recommendation was made following a dispute notification by the PSA, after your union received data showing the availability of more vacant roles than unplaced staff at every non-executive grade.

In issuing the recommendation, the IRC referred to the OneFACS Non Executive Staff Transition Change Management Plan (Central Office and Corporate Services), noting the change plan required the agency to “maximise opportunities for employee matching and reassignment” at every stage during the process.

The IRC further recommended FACS conduct a centrally administered review process prior to the conclusion of Phase 3, in which Executive Directors assess all residual and consequential matching opportunities, including a coordinated cross-cohort review of vacancies and unplaced staff.

According to the latest figures, 113 staff remain unplaced, down from 199 at the conclusion of Phase 2. However, of the 113 unplaced staff, 67 preferred not to participate in Phase 3, meaning 46 staff are still actively looking for job opportunities in the new FACS central office and corporate services structure.

As at 15 December, 147 roles remain unfilled, and the PSA believes there is ample scope to place those staff still seeking a role within FACS prior to the commencement of Phase 4.

Click the following link to view a copy of the FACS data on placements and vacancies.

OneFACS Data Summary (PDF)

While the dispute proceedings have now been adjourned, it remains open for either party to relist the matter at a later date.

The PSA is assisting a number of members in relation to the placement process. If you are a member and would like advice on a placement issue, please contact our Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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