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IRO Joint Consultative Committee Meeting

Your union and local delegates attended the final Joint Consultative Committee for 2022 on 17 November.  At the meeting, the following items were discussed:

The Business Process Review finishes in December.  Templates have been implemented through the Solutions Group.  The Pop Ups are gone, reducing the click rate for staff.  IRO will do a full acquittal of achievements.  Feedback will be placed on the Knowledge Portal.

Recruitment has resulted in two new PLs starting.  ILARS team members have greater awareness of allocations which should reduce workload issues.

The Christmas shutdown will result in requirements for staff to take 6 days’ leave.  A skeleton team will operate across the break from Solutions (not ILARS or Strategy, Policy, and Support).

Simon Cohen spoke to the recruitment process.  Besides the new PLs, there are also 2 new team members in Solutions.  Some staff have moved from DRO to Snr DRO and advertisements have gone out for Executive Support and IT roles.

PSA asked about results of the PMES.  Simon Cohen stated that the results were not where they would want them to be and that the leadership team have heard staff response.  Although they are better than the worst, there is work to be done and the leadership team will develop action plans.  There will be a greater focus on recruitment, with panels to include at least one person who knows what the role entails.  They will work on their partnership with DCS to leverage staff opportunities within the cluster.  There will be greater consultation and improved training and development. The PSA will continue to monitor PMES outcomes.

PSA discussed soft skills training, for example communication, teamwork, emotional resilience, problem solving, time management, critical thinking, and stress management.  PSA were advised that while there is a lot of information out there, it could be curated better.  IRO will look at a targeted list of training both within DCS offerings and initiatives through Benestar. There will be a targeted program in March through Benestar with ILARS involving an in-depth discussion with people who understand what ILARS people do.

PSA was advised that wiping down and spraying of chairs and equipment was being undertaken on days when people are in the office to continue addressing Covid related concerns.

We discussed a flexible approach with management where staff members cannot attend ILARS Workshops. It was agreed that DCS should provide flexibility to attend virtually where possible.

PSA and local delegates will liaise with management in December to confirm dates for 2023 meetings.

Your IRO delegates:

Oni Roy               

Fiona Seaton     

Ashley Payne    



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