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Juvenile Justice Increase in staff assaults

Juvenile Justice Increase in staff assaults – August 2017 (PDF version)

On Wednesday 26 July 2017, a further conference was held before Chief Commissioner Kite.

The conference discussed the critical need to establish therapeutic units at Cobham, Frank Baxter and Reiby.

There was lengthy discussion about the position papers that were submitted by both the PSA and Juvenile Justice as requested by Chief Commissioner Kite with the PSA stressing the need to better manage these high-risk detainees and provide a safe working environment for our members.

Chief Commissioner Kite strongly recommended a working party be formed with the specific focus to be on what therapeutic units would look like and how they would operate.

Chief Commissioner Kite further stated this first step should be with Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre.

A meeting has now been set for 14 August where the PSA and management will meet and discuss.

This should be seen as a positive step in what unfortunately has been a lengthy process.

A report back has been set before Chief Commissioner Kite for the 23 August 2017.

Members will be kept updated on the outcome.

The PSA welcomes member participation; please contact your Organisers Gino Di Candilo and Martin Robinson for any input.

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