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Land and Property Information stop work announcement

Land and Property Information stop work announcement – May 2016 (PDF version)

On Thursday 26 May LPI members attended a meeting with PSA staff at Queen’s Square to debate ideas on what action the union might take to fight the privatisation of the Titling and Registry Services (T&RS) unit.

Various types of industrial action were proposed, from work bans to walk outs.

The meeting ended positively with members unanimously resolving as follows:

“This meeting of LPI PSA members rejects the State Government’s reckless decision to privatise the Titling and Registry Services section of Land and Property Information.”

“Members resolve to stop work on Friday 10 June to highlight to the community the value of keeping LPI wholly in public hands.”

“In addition this meeting resolves to implement a ban on working any overtime on a weekday beginning Monday 30 May 2016”

NSW Upper House parliamentarian and PSA member David Shoebridge addressed the 85+ strong meeting. He delivered a powerful message that, in his view, the staff of LPI have enormous collective strength in resisting Premier Baird’s ill-conceived and fundamentally unsound plans to hand over this vital state service to private self-interest.

Well done to all members present.

All Queens Square LPI staff are encouraged to join this significant fight.

A further bulletin, with specific details on a suitable venue, and how this affect members that are not located at Queens Square, will be distributed next week.

Not a member?

Non-members need to join the PSA (CPSU) today so they can support their union colleagues in the campaign against this reckless decision. Non-members are advised that union fees are fully tax-deductable, and members receive a number of included benefits, including journey insurance, that non-members do not. Go to to join the PSA and join the campaign.

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