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Legal Aid: PSA continues to press for AVL appearances for weekend bail courts

The PSA met with CEO Brendan Thomas on Monday, 6 April 2020 and other managers to discuss the issue of weekend bail courts.

The CEO assured the PSA that AVL appearances is still Legal Aid’s preferred position. Mr Thomas said that there were still some significant technical issues to do with delivering papers and AVL bandwidth which made the exercise more difficult for the high volume weekend bail court.

Mr Thomas undertook to work with the Crime Executive and partner agencies to develop a proposal for next weekend. It was agreed that administrative support would be a key feature of any proposal.

A PSA representative will be involved in developing the proposal and Mr Thomas will meet with the PSA again on Wednesday morning to discuss the finished proposal.

The PSA recognises that there are real logistical challenges in implementing AVL appearances for weekend bail courts, but it is our view that they can be met with appropriate planning, work practice design and technical and administrative support.

The PSA congratulates Legal Aid management on its consultative approach and its real achievements to date at this most difficult time. We look forward to working together in a spirit of cooperation to meet new challenges as they arise.

Now is the time for public sector workers to work together through their unions to safeguard health and security into the future.


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