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Legal Aid: PSA meets with CEO regarding weekend bail courts

Representatives of the PSA today met with the CEO Mr Brendan Thomas and other managers to discuss arrangements for Weekend Bail Courts from this Friday, 10 April 2020.

Legal Aid has developed a proposal for AVL appearances by means of VMR software and is moving forward to implement it as a trial this weekend. Management is allocating significant legal, administrative, financial and technical resources to give the plan its best chance of success.

It cannot be denied that there remain significant technical and logistical obstacles and there is no absolute guarantee the proposal can go live this weekend. The PSA assures members management is making all reasonable efforts to achieve the preferred outcome at this stage.

It is understood that, should insuperable technical obstacles present themselves, Legal Aid may resort to an emergency back-up plan which will mean personal appearances may be unavoidable. Management is in discussion with Courts Admin to ensure scrupulous cleaning and that there is sanitiser and wipes available, noting the short supply last weekend.

Participation in the bail courts roster will continue to be voluntary. Personal appearances will only be required if there is no alternative.

Details of the arrangements are still under discussion and members will be advised of further developments. The PSA thanks the CEO and Legal Aid Management for the continued support shown to front line staff at this difficult time.


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