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Legal Aid: PSA takes action to improve job security

Improved Job Security - April 2021 (PDF version)

Following a PSA campaign last year focusing on the issue of temporary employment in Legal Aid, 54 ongoing roles currently occupied by temporary staff are in the process of being filled by permanent staff, through either conversion of current occupants or recruitment. Together with the 38 conversions from last year, Legal Aid will move a total of 92 positions from temporary to permanent.

This is an outstanding result for the union and the agency that was only possible with strong advocacy from Legal Aid PSA members and delegates.

Members also reached out to the PSA regarding concerns about a restructure in Grants which would have led to the loss of a 5/6 clerical position. Management had failed to consult properly with staff and the union and five staff were left fearing loss of employment. Negotiations with management have led to retention of additional functions in the affected unit and the saving of the clerical position targeted for deletion.

These outcomes were only possible due to a strong membership in Legal Aid and with hard work from our members and delegates.

Only with a strong membership can the union fight for a better workplace and to continue to fight for social justice. Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA at

If you want to become more involved, please contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or your union staff, who are:

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

Glenn Duncan Organiser


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