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Links for Budget Estimate hearings

As engaged activists in sometimes politicised organisations, you might be interested in watching Budget Estimates hearings, Monday 5 September, with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Arts, Regional Youth and Tourism, Ben Franklin.

Relevant Agency Heads also attend with the Minister. Previous Budget Estimates held in March of this year saw some pertinent questions asked around the Powerhouse sites at Ultimo, Parramatta and Castle Hill.

Ahead of every hearing PSA Industrial Officers, in consultation with your Delegates, submit questions to panel members. This panel questions the Minister about their portfolio . We can’t always guarantee what will be asked.

You can watch the hearing from March on YouTube HERE.

You will be able to watch the relevant hearing via this link from 9:30am Monday 5 September HERE.

Following Monday’s hearing, the video will also be available via YouTube. More information on Budget Estimate hearings is also available through the NSW Parliament website.

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