LMBR update No. 6 2017 - Public Service Association

LMBR update No. 6 2017

LMBR update No. 6 2017 – September 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA holds regular meetings with the Department on LMBR and this bulletin provides a brief update on the outcome from those meetings.

Current LMBR issues

  • Cash flow budgeting

The PSA has been advised that SAMs are creating annual budgets (cash flow budgeting). That is above SAMs’ statement of duties. Cash flow budgeting is the responsibility of the Principal and cannot be delegated to SAS staff.

The PSA is seeking a clarification from the Department on the specific roles of the Principal and SAM under LMBR.


Concerns have been raised about the extra workload on SAMs/SAOs created by FIORI.

The Department advised there are 2 issues with FIORI in relation to audit requirements.

Firstly, FIORI’s access is to specific screens governed by the designation of the user. Currently, this is not working and a user has full access to all 7 screens and that has caused workload problems. It was designed for a SAO to input data of a purchase on one screen, a SAM to approve it on another and payment by Shared Services a third screen etc.

Secondly, there is no clear guidance on what specific records need to be filed for audit compliance. The Audit Unit have audited the 229 Schools and from that they will develop further advice to schools.

  • Finding QRGs

The PSA raised concerns that there are far too many separate forms in different platforms and requested a printable flow chart showing where specific forms are located in the system.

The Department advised the QRG Deployment Team will be transferred to LMBR Support at the end of 2017. They will review the storage and access of forms and it is unknown what that will look like or when it will be introduced.

  • Finding reports

The Report module is not in alphabetical order and members have suggested that the top 5 reports should be at the top with a link to an Adobe session. Preferably, the reports would be grouped into classes, for example, Assets.

The Department advised it would find out if our request can be achieved.

  • Working With Children Check (WWCC)

The PSA raised concerns about the SAM/SAO requirement to enter the details each time persons with WWCC attend schools. It seems practicable that those person’s details are entered once in EBS4 and each time they attend the school their details are found and entered for the particular date.

The Department is to investigate if this is legally feasible.

Member feedback

Your feedback to us forms an important part of our ongoing discussions with the Department to address the ongoing matters with LMBR. Members can send feedback directly through our website HERE or by email to .

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