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Local Land Services Bulletin

Local Land Services bulletin – March 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA and delegates met with management representatives of Local Land Services on 15 March to receive a briefing and discuss the following matters:

  • the structure of LLS
  • sustainable Land Management
  • WDDB and SCS

This bulletin gives key information provided to the PSA to date. The delegates in attendance with Industrial Officer Nick Player were Mal Leeson, Geoff Green and Jonathon Berryman.

The structure of LLS

This largely related to discussing the management structure. In particular this relates to the Office of the Chair and State Operations. Documentation is still being developed as to the structure but we are advised this is largely just realignment.

Two new roles of Director Major Programmes and Team Leader Biosecurity and Emergency Services are being recruited.

The Executive Support Unit is largely the same with some tweaking.

New General Managers will be announced shortly.

Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

We were advised that this is a Government decision which brings in approximately 60 more positions whilst integrating in 40 existing positions. It will become the full responsibility of LLS on 1 July 2017.

  • Affected staff were to be advised on the day the PSA was briefed
  • Management stated that it would be an internal reassignment for the existing staff and that they would retain the same conditions of employment
  • The roles will have an increased customer service focus
  • We were advised that if someone does not fit the role, they will be placed somewhere else
  • Both ongoing and temporary staff will move into the roles maintaining their status
  • SLM will work on a regional basis although its management will be centralised. Current staff will stay where they are.

The PSA raised concerns about lack of confirmation regarding ongoing funding. Management stated that given it was a legislative change to create SLM, it was unlikely funding would be lost. Of the 40 existing employees being moved across, approximately 15 were ongoing (permanent). Management advised that if funding stops, ongoing employees would remain ongoing, as under the GSE Act, employees can be moved between roles.

This is no guarantee and ultimately if a role is not found an employee can be made excess. This would then be dealt with under the Managing Excess Employees Policy.

The full structure of SLM will be provided to the PSA which will allow us to make comment.

Affected members are encouraged to raise any concerns with their delegates so they can be collated and raised with management.

Soil Conservation Service and Wild Dog Destruction Board

The PSA were advised that two steering committees have been created to look at the prospect of the SCS and WDDB being integrated into LLS. These employees are all public servants and if the move were to occur it would be by Administrative Order.

Management advised that the workers would move over and remain on their current conditions of employment until negotiations resulted in change.

Management would ultimately want them under the LLS Award rather than have various awards and agreements across LLS. This would lead to wider discussion around the Award.

The steering committees are meeting every 4 weeks and management have committed to arrange regular discussions with the PSA in line with those meetings.

If the two organisations do move under LLS, the official date would be 1 July 2017.

Again the PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from our members.

The PSA will continue to represent our members in these matters.

Please contact your delegates with any issues or concerns.

LLS delegates

Geoffrey Green

Mal Leeson

Bret Littler

Lisa Martin

Digby Rayward

Peter Fotheringham

Leigh James

Jonathan Berryman

Kerrie Edwards

Donna Donahue

Robin Budswells

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