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Local Land Services JCC – February 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA represented by Nick Player, Industrial Officer and delegates Geoff Green, Digby Rayward and Peter Fotheringham attended the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting on 15 February. Some of the key issues discussed were:

Sustainable Land Management Office (SLMO)

We were advised that the creation of the SLMO was a political decision made by Cabinet and that a meeting would be coordinated with the PSA to discuss the plan being developed. The Award makes it clear that the employer is required to consult with the union and its members when significant changes are being put in place. The SLMO will be a part of LLS and we are advised that there will be increased resources. The PSA advised that we wish to ensure protection for our members and continuity of their ongoing employment if transferred to SLMO. The SLMO is intended to commence by 1 July 2017.

We are advised that there are no plans for a state-wide restructure. However, assurance has been provided that if restructuring occurs for individual services or more widely there will be consultation.

Award discussions

In light of the pending changes referred to above, management advised that they currently have no issues to discuss regarding the award although they anticipate opening up discussions in the future. They advised that they would be happy for the PSA to provide issues for discussion in the meantime. Please advise your delegates of issues you would like to be tabled.

While the current award was for the period from the commencement of LLS until 31 December 2016, it continues as is until renegotiated and pay rises negotiated for the public sector salaries award will continue to follow on for LLS staff.

Aboriginal Employment Strategy

The PSA has placed this item on the agenda for all JCCs and has sought ongoing data and information on strategies relating to Aboriginal employment strategies. We are advised that there are 11 identified positions in LLS and that 16 current employees have identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  We welcome any input from affected members.

People Matters Survey

The PSA raised the issue of bullying which was identified as occurring at a high level in the People Matters Survey. Whilst 10 per cent of staff indicated they experienced bullying, 22 per cent advised they had witnessed it. Management advised that they have visited some of the sites where most concerns have been highlighted to assess and advise in an effort to reduce bullying in those areas. The PSA has requested ongoing feedback and that the matter be subject to discussion at all JCCs

On-Call Arrangements

The award makes it clear regarding the entitlements relating to being on call and the allowances members are entitled to. If management wish a person to be on call they need to clearly establish their availability and roster them accordingly. The employees should then be paid on call allowances as defined in the award. Current practice in some cases appears to be the manager asking people if they are available but not officially rostering them. As a result they are not receiving allowances. We are seeking that clear advice be provided by senior management so this practice ceases.

LLS delegates

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