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Ministry of Health and PSA Joint Consultative Committee meeting report back

JCC Report - March 2021 (PDF version)

With the new year well underway, the work and effort put in by all Ministry of Health staff over the past 12 months is being seen by everyone as class leading.

With NSW without any locally acquired cases for more than a month, the efforts made by Ministry staff are clearly paying off.

The PSA recognises the immense efforts put in by our members and express our greatest thanks.

1 Reserve Road and Covid-19

As COVID-19 is still a concern, social distancing and safety protocols remain in place at 1RR and will continue to be for some time yet. This includes the Ministry’s intent to maintain no more than 60 per cent of staff in the office at any one time.

Returning to the office for some time each week will encourage collaboration and team work. Discussions with your manager are the best way to work proactively and establish a beneficial and sustainable return.


The PSA has raised concerns that some contact tracers within the Ministry remain employed as contingent labour. The PSA understands the fluctuating nature of the work and that calls may need to be able to scale up or down swiftly, with some days only requiring a small number of calls and other days, such as after the Northern Beaches cluster, requiring a massive amount of calls.

We are of the belief however, that many contact tracers could and should be employed directly by the Ministry rather than utilising an external employment agency. COVID-19 may be with us for some time yet NSW must have the skills and experience of the current contact tracers secured through direct employment which would benefit everyone both financially and stabilise the workforce.

COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

Staff identified to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in Phase 1a will be contacted directly in the coming weeks and informed about how, when and where they will be able to get vaccinated. We have been advised that invitations will be sent in stages in line with each phase.

The Ministry have stated that having the vaccine will not be mandatory, however it is strongly encouraged.

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