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Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences member bulletin

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences member bulletin – September 2017 (PDF version)


VSO members would be aware your union has been in negotiation with your employer for more than 12 months with regard to the salary rate paid to Casual VSOs. To recap this issue, PSA members employed as casual VSOs became aware they were being paid at a lesser rate of pay for undertaking identical duties to that of ongoing and temporary VSOs. This issue was lodged in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in September 2016 and the parties have been meeting to try and settle the matter.

Settlement of the matter has not occurred and at the IRC report back on Monday 18 September, your union requested the Commission issue a certificate of attempted conciliation. This was agreed to by the Commission and the certificate was issued during proceedings.

What does this mean?

The matter will now be referred to the Industrial Commission for Arbitration. This process will not commence until January or February 2018.

Why this timeframe?

The IRC has set dates for both the PSA and the MAAS to file and serve documents, evidence, which must be finalised by 18 December 2017. As well, the parties need to determine how many days will be required for the matter to be heard and dates will be set when this is known.

There still remains the opportunity for the parties to discuss this matter further during this time frame.


The PSA is concerned that over the past few months members have been asked to attend an “informal chat or meeting” with their supervisor. Members are not provided with a reason for the meeting nor are they given appropriate notice – 24 hours – and in some cases the meeting is not informal nor is the meeting with only the members supervisor present.

Members are entitled to:

  • know the subject of the meeting, an agenda would be ideal
  • know who will be present at the meeting
  • be informed that a meeting has been scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time
  • be informed they may take a support person with them
  • request that the meeting be rescheduled if all of the above has not been adhered to.


PSA members have access to advice, support and representation, either via the PSA’s Member Support Centre phone 1300 772 679 or by contacting your local delegates, the PSA senior industrial officer or organiser.

Damian McDonald – Curatorial

Dimity Holt – Research library

Kathy Hackett – Photo library

Nancy LaMott – Finance

Paul Qualey – Workshop

Nathan Farrow – Visitor services

Kerrie Butson – Senior industrial officer

Harry Wall – PSA organiser

The next PSA Workplace Group members’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 21 November 2017. A separate meeting notice will be sent closer to this date. Please ensure you put this date in your diary and ask at least one non-member to join the union.

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