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National Parks and Wildlife Service member bulletin

National Parks and Wildlife Service member bulletin – July 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA attended a briefing on 18 July 2017, regarding Future NPWS. At no stage during the briefing was the PSA advised of the full extent of the proposed Future NPWS restructure, nor the roles that would be directly impacted. This information was provided to the PSA via its members.

The PSA wrote to Mr Michael Wright on 20 July 2017, seeking an extension to the consultation period due to the lack of information initially provided to the PSA and the enormity of the proposed changes. The initial period for consultation was three weeks. The PSA met again with NPWS on 26 July 2017 and was given an additional week for the consultation process.

The PSA does not accept an additional week is an appropriate time frame, due to the excessive number of roles and role descriptions that have been proposed for inclusion/change in the proposed new structure. Your union believes the consultation period for this major proposed restructure should be open-ended. This will enable a thorough evaluation by the PSA and its members.

The PSA is of the view the majority of roles that have been proposed to be regraded undervalue the core functions and the skill level required. As a result of this proposal, members will not receive the appropriate remuneration.

The PSA is opposed to EOIs being required to any ongoing roles.

Other concerns are:

  • the lack of consistency across the state of some roles
  • how role descriptions have been developed and evaluated
  • the validity of these roles where roles already exist.

The Department has given a commitment to review aspects of the proposed Future NPWS in consultation with the PSA.

The PSA will be continuing to consult with all members of NPWS and encourage all staff of the Department to assist the PSA in ensuring the security and sustainability of NPWS jobs.

Could you please provide feedback to the following email or your NPS delegates:

Steve Carter
Ben Owers
Alex Deura
Janet Cavanaugh
Alexandra Wyatt
George Malolakis
John Holcombe
Ken England
Kim De Govrik
Peter Clark
Tegan Burton
Anita Zubovic
Sarah Sabil
Trish Swain
Martin Smith

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