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National Parks and Wildlife Service member update

National Parks and Wildlife Service member update – September 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA and its delegates attended a meeting with NPWS Monday 11 September 2017, where we were given a “draft” final Change Management Plan, plus 74 pages of new structures. The PSA was also advised the documents were embargoed and restrictions placed on your union’s opportunity to adequately consult on these documents. The embargo was duly respected by the PSA and delegates.

We were again invited to attend a meeting on Monday 18 September to discuss the our views and provide feedback on the amended CMP and structures. Fourteen delegates from Bourke, Mid and Far North Coast, South Coast, Tumut, Blue Mountains and the metro areas, including Head Office, attended the meeting. These delegates represented a large number of affected classifications within NPWS.

Delegates spoke candidly and passionately of the impact the proposed structures would have on NPWS if it was implemented in its current form.

We were advised during the meeting that NPWS management was waiting for the OEH Chief Executive to sign off the Change Management Plan. Whilst PSA and the delegates were engaged in the meeting, NPWS released the final structures and the CMP, and at that time advertised the 11/12 roles, advising a 3 October closing date for applications.

The PSA has consistently contended genuine consultation has not been occurring, and has brought the matter before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). Whilst the PSA has gained longer periods of consultation, and some changes to the original proposal, the disregard for genuine consultation was demonstrated clearly yesterday with the broad release of the CMP and structures as delegates were discussing the inadequacies of many aspects of the restructure and process.

The parties are to return to the IRC on Wednesday 20 September on a report-back in relation to consultation.

PSA officials have also raised concerns with OEH Executives regarding the Ranger classification being discussed with another union. The PSA is concerned these discussions are a divisive action which is placing additional stress and anxiety on a workforce already torn due to the proposed restructure.

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