National Parks and Wildlife Service restructure update

National Parks and Wildlife Service restructure update – September 2017 (PDF version)

Since the original announcement of the Future NPWS Change Management Plan in July, the PSA has been involved in extensive consultation with OEH. Whilst OEH and the PSA have often strongly disagreed about the level of consultation undertaken, and the level of impact the restructure will have on affected classifications, the PSA has been at all times attempted to affect positive change for members from the original proposal released.

The PSA was officially informed this morning the number of areas in the structure has been changed to 37, with an additional area created by dividing the Kanangra/Upper Mountains area. The PSA understands this information was communicated to staff in Katoomba yesterday in addition to the wider release today and was positively received. Whilst a number of issues remain in the PSA’s view, unresolved, through the PSA’s actions in the IRC we have gained:

  • an expansion of areas from 35 to 37, and the associated extra positions and upgraded classifications
  • further consultation and delayed timeframes, as the original proposal had recruitment starting from 14 August
  • the removal of “Discovery Rangers” from being in scope
  • a number of Project Officer positions being re-instated and out of scope
  • changes to role descriptions.

The PSA is continuing the fight for further changes. Additionally, OEH has informed us a number of staff have been contacting them wishing to be directly placed into a lower-paid position. OEH has written to the PSA and asked us to consider a number of matching principles to facilitate these requests.

The PSA will enter in to discussions with OEH in good faith, with the desire to achieve positive outcomes for our members whilst balancing the need to maintain the provisions in your award. Whilst the PSA has fielded some enquiries about this option, we wish to reiterate that no staff member can be directed into accepting a position which has been classified with a lower remuneration.

Similarly, no member who is currently full-time may be directed to apply for a part-time position. The PSA reminds staff whose current position is slated for deletion that if they are unsuccessful in being directly placed in a comparable role (within five per cent of the maximum salary) they will be declared excess and managed as per the Managing Excess Employees policy. A position that is declared excess is entitled to a voluntary redundancy.

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