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Natural Disasters and PSA position regarding leave

Natural Disasters and PSA position regarding leave June 2015 (PDF version)

Newcastle OSR-SDRO Bulletin

The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular C2012-01 recommends:

“Managers should apply a flexible approach for employees who are unable to attend work as a result of flooding around the declared natural disaster areas.

However, despite office closures, staff have been required to use FACS leave.

The PSA made representations that staff should be considered On Duty and not be asked to take FACS leave when they were available to work. Members should be regarded as on duty when management has:

  1. turned them away (ie closed the workplace);
  2. not provided an alternative place of work; or
  3. sent them home.

Following representations from the PSA, the Office of Financial Services, Industrial Relations reconsidered and agreed to special leave being granted when the business/office was actually closed.

Any members who have submitted a FACS leave form should request a reimbursement.

Members should take FACS leave only when the office was open and they were unable to attend.

Endorsement for second delegate for M1

Delegates were elected at the AGM in March.

There are still some vacancies:

  • M2 delegate – Leisa Sykes
  • M1 delegate Carolyn Dean
  • M1 delegate – vacant
  • Night Shift delegate – vacant

The PSA is pleased to advise that a nomination has been received from Lurene Wicks for the vacant M1 day shift delegate position.

With an additional delegate your workgroup will be stronger.

Nominations for the remaining vacant Night Shift delegate can still be received by the PSA Elections unit at .

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