New private jails shocking waste of money - Public Service Association

New private jails shocking waste of money


New private jails shocking waste of money – 18 June 2015 (PDF version)

The Public Service Association (PSA) says the Baird Government plans to waste billions of dollars on building new private jails when an existing government run facility sits virtually empty.

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner said today’s government announcement about private gaol beds is not about solving the long-standing overcrowding problem in prisons. It is about creating opportunities for big business.

“If the Baird Government was serious about reducing prison overcrowding, they would reopen the 200 beds they closed that are available in the publically-run Grafton Gaol,” Ms Gardiner said.

“Publically-run gaols in NSW are the most cost effective in the country once you take into consideration the range of programs provided which reduce repeat offenders.”

“These programs include domestic violence prevention programs and anger management.”

For months the PSA, which covers the state’s Correctional Officers, has been calling for the re-opening of Grafton’s existing gaol.

“It makes smart use of an existing facility, Ms Gardiner said.

“It could be done quickly and at low cost.”

The PSA says building a new private facility would take years – and would not alleviate the dangers present RIGHT NOW from overcrowding in NSW correctional facilities.

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