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New Trustee and Guardian CEO

New Trustee and Guardian CEO – January 2018 (PDF version)

On Monday 22 January, Adam Dent was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of NSW Trustee and Guardian.

He takes over the leadership from Damon Quinn, who has been acting in the role since the retirement of former CEO Imelda Dodds.

The PSA would like to thank Damon Quinn for his professionalism and engagement with the PSA during this challenging period for our NSW Trustee and Guardian members.

The PSA notes that there have been significant changes to the original Business Case announced in October 2015, such as the Phased Implementation Plan and the employment of additional ongoing and temporary staff.

The PSA would like to congratulate Adam Dent on his appointment to the position.

The PSA hopes to work with the new CEO in rebuilding one of the critical agencies of the NSW Department of Justice.

One step towards this will be ensuring that vacancies are filled and that public service jobs are permanent and performed by public servants.

Your Trustee and Guardian Advisory Group delegates, along with PSA industrial staff, will meet with Adam Dent, along with the rest of NSW Trustee and Guardian management, on
2 February at the next scheduled Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

A reminder that these meetings currently take place monthly and any member can raise issues via their Advisory Group delegates if they would like them discussed in this forum.

The PSA thanks members for their continuing engagement and wishes members all the best for 2018.

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