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Newcastle Contact Centre: Health and Safety Representative election

The PSA is pleased to advise that nominations for the three vacant Health and Safety Representative (HSR) roles for the Newcastle Contact Centre (NCC) workplace are now open. Nominations are open across all clusters and need to be submitted by 11 March 2022. A vote if necessary will be held shortly after the nominations close. To submit a nomination please fill the form emailed to all NCC staff and then submit it to .

PSA Delegates have played an instrumental role in establishing HSRs at the NCC and would like to encourage PSA members who are interested and committed to helping maintain a safe workplace to apply.

HSRs play a vital role in keeping you and your workplace safe.

HSRs are elected by you, the workers, to represent and assist you with Health and Safety matters. This involves gathering information about the Health and Safety issues for their work group, conducting workplace inspections, and doing risk assessments. HSRs have a direct line of communication to the employer (PCBU) and must be involved in consultation on any health and safety issues that may affect their work group. They can work out ways to resolve issues in consultation with PCBU representatives such as managers and supervisors, as well as Health and Safety Committees and other HSRs.

The PSA also regularly holds Health and Safety training for members, including webinars. Training courses are available at no charge to members. All members are invited and welcome, you do not have to be a Delegate to attend training. Many members find an understanding of WHS matters empowering and this gives them the confidence to raise their concerns.

How to register

Please register online via Click ‘Training Application’ to complete the registration form.

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