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No Hunting in National Parks Rally

“It’s a family affair!”

Families and friends of the campaign against hunting in national parks are invited to a peaceful rally these school holidays to help send the message: “Don’t put my kids at risk!” to Barry O’Farrell.

When: 12:30 – 1:30pm , Thursday 18th April 2013

Where: Outside NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY
Bring: Please bring a sign or banner: “Don’t put my kids at risk!” We invite children to come dressed as their favourite native animal
Speakers: Bob Debus, former ALP Environment Minister and Attorney General, and Anne Gardiner, General Secretary, Public Service Association.  Also,  former Greens Senator Bob Brown and representatives from WIRES, National Parks Association, and more.
Hosts: Public Service Association and National Parks Association of NSW

The Premier of NSW has placed the Supplementary Pest Control Program on hold until the NSW
Game Council has undergone a governance review. This program allows recreational hunting to
take place in NSW national parks.
“Despite the strong and continued public protest, risks to park’s staff and the general public, the
Premier seems determined for this program to go ahead. This protest is to remind the Premier his
government was elected to represent the public’s best interest and not the gun lobby,” says Anne Gardiner of the Public Service Association.
“If the Premier gives the hunting program the green light, families will have no choice but to avoid
the national parks where hunting is taking place. Mixing passive, recreational parks users and
hunting activity on public land is poor government policy,” says Justin McKee, National Parks
Association of NSW
Media contacts:

Justin McKee – National Parks Association of NSW: 0404 824 020
Geo Papas – Public Service Association of NSW: 0407 705 363

For more info see this recent SMH article


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