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Non-Custodial Joint Consultative Committee meeting: August 2022

Corrections Industry & Capacity restructure

The proposed restructure was raised by the PSA at the meeting. Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) advised that it was committed to consultation on the issue. The Change Management Plan has since been issued to members and the PSA and CNSW have met. The proposed restructure outlines additional 7/8 roles and fewer 5/6 roles.

Resolution of workplace bullying

The PSA raised the issue of bullying experienced and witnessed by members. We advised CNSW that the PSA sees bullying as a serious Work Health and Safety issue and the PSA wants to work constructively with the Department on behalf of members to change workplace culture.

Working from home

The Deputy Commissioner advised that the Department is prepared to accept working-from-home arrangements. However, it is local management which decides on individual applications.

The Director of OS&P referred to a recent memorandum issued regarding working from home. The purpose of the memorandum was to provide clarity regarding the working from home policy and give management ownership over applying the policy.

Kozarov v State of Victoria

The PSA raised the recent high court decision of Kozarov v State of Victoria. In the matter, it was found that where an employee is engaged to perform an occupation that presents an obvious and inherent risk of psychiatric injury, and the employer has knowledge that employees face this obvious and inherent risk in the performance of their regular duties, a duty of care arises on the part of an employer to take proactive steps in respect of all employees performing that role to reduce their risk of psychiatric injury.

This matter has obvious implications for CSNSW as an employer. CSNSW advised that it has processes in place for professional support and supervision. Further, staff can be rotated in high-risk areas such as psychology. CSNSW also acknowledged that non-psychology staff also have exposure to material which could cause psychiatric injury. The Department has advised it will develop a proposal as to how to deal with this.

Departmental Committee update

The August meeting was also the first meeting of your recently elected Non-Custodial Departmental Committee and the following Delegates have been elected as the Committee’s Executive

  • Chair David Gould
  • Vice Chair Scott Chapman
  • Regional Vice Chair Fiona Innis
  • Secretary Stewart Burkitt
  • Assistant Secretary Kenny Carver

Julia Gray (Cooma) nominated and was elected unanimously for a vacant position on the Education Advisory Group.

The Psychology group is in the process of reviewing electoral boundaries to balance representation across the state and a call for nominations for vacant positions will be sent at a later date.

Further issues

An education advisory group has been set up and is made up of management and Delegates to facilitate consultation on education specific matters.

Non-custodial Delates will establish a working party to consider all aspects of flexible working as the PSA knows working from home is an ongoing issue for many members.

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