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Notice for PSA members – Wollongong

Notice for PSA members – Wollongong – October 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA will be holding an NPWS “day of action” in Wollongong on Thursday 19 October. The PSA would like to invite all nearby PSA members to attend. This day of action is a result of the current restructure affecting NPWS members, and the negative consequence this restructure will have not only on NPWS staff but the people of NSW generally.

It is important to note that the day of action is not industrial action, and the PSA is not directing any members to stop work. However, PSA members wishing to attend this event in their lunch break are strongly encouraged to do so.

The day of action for Wollongong will be held between 12:00pm and 1:00pm at 84 Crown Street, Wollongong.

PSA Regional Organiser Tony Heathwood will be in attendance to address the members.

For more information on the day of action, please visit

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