November PSA Victims Services Joint Consultative Committee meeting - Public Service Association

November PSA Victims Services Joint Consultative Committee meeting

November PSA Victims Services Joint Consultative Committee Meeting - Nov 2019 (PDF version)

JCC meetings have been established at Victims Services to discuss issues that impact on the working conditions of PSA members.

In attendance at the November JCC were Michelle Vaughan (Commissioner), James Gordon (Human Resources), Monika Wunderlin (Industrial Officer, PSA), Alex Sala (PSA Organiser) and your Delegates, Nathan Rodrigues and Mel Kheir.

Management opened the meeting with Acknowledgement of Country, followed by itemised agenda items. The following is a summary of the meeting:

Status of Victims Services Culture and Change Project

The Commissioner will hold an all-staff meeting to explain the significant range of initiatives and work done in relation to cultural issues at Victims Services.

The session is a forum for members to provide feedback on cultural issues and the changes they think are necessary. During the JCC meeting, the PSA raised the existing lack of trust from members towards management. Issues raised by members during the investigation have not been addressed and members are awaiting answers and real actions. Michelle Vaughan stated that she acknowledges the damage that has been done and moving forward she will not tolerate any form of bullying in the work place. She accepts that members are affected by past actions.

VS Connect remediation project

Staff who are acting in the project team are working (perceived or otherwise) to be doing work at higher grades without getting paid accordingly. Michelle Vaughan does not believe this is the case. The Commissioner is to keep an eye on this and report back. PSA to get information from staff that believe this is the case and report back.

Update on telephone system

The PSA raised the point that Client Services and Management Services do similar roles, but Client Services are rostered to take calls until 5pm, sometimes staying back till 6pm, while Management Services are free to leave at a flexible time. It was agreed that Michelle Vaughan would find out about the roster issue, as she was not aware of this. The Commissioner advised that she will keep a close eye on email overflow, overtime (this is an interim solution).

Disability access/reasonable adjustments

The PSA brought up the way the agency deals with reasonable adjustment matters for members with health issues and disabilities. The PSA stressed how Managers do not have access to Departmental policies. Examples of the treatment of staff with health conditions and disabilities were provided. Michelle Vaughan and James Gordon encouraged all members who felt that the agency was not following policies to raise issues directly with them for escalation. Delegates will communicate this to members.  James Gordon suggested WHRs to have a two-way conversation and possibly training.

This issue will be kept as a standing agenda item until the policy is reviewed and managers are trained properly.

Staffing & recruitment, removal of staff updates

Michelle Vaughan advised there were too many irrelevant updates and probably staff were not even reading them. PSA Delegates advised that monthly communications for new arrivals and departures will suffice, this will reinstate clarity and trust. This will be reviewed in future, however, there was acknowledgement that communications need to be clearer.

The PSA is the formal representative of employees and consultation with the PSA is a requirement under the Award under which you are employed.

Currently we have two delegates in the workplace. They are Nathan Rodriguez and Mel Kheir. The PSA welcomes staff to talk to Nathan and Mel and raise issues and/or concerns with them.

The strength of the union is determined by its membership and delegates in the workplace.

If you are interested in a role, or in participating in any way contact one of your delegates or:

Monika Wunderlin PSA Industrial Officer

Alex Sala PSA Organiser
0439 443 851

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