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NPWS Bulletin Firefighter Fitness Policy

As you would be aware, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) have provided staff with their Firefighter Fitness Policy (Policy).

On 20 September 2022, the PSA met with NPWS management where it was advised it did not support this Policy in its current form and stressed the Policy would predominantly affect older staff who have given a lifetime service to NPWS, only to be told they will be medically retired because they are unable to engage in frontline firefighting duties.   However, those staff would be well able to undertake various other critical roles during fires.

The PSA is of the view this is a bloody-minded approach by NPWS management, which shows complete disregard, disrespect and contempt, to their staff, who have in some cases, given a lifetime service with their hearts and souls to the NPWS and then when reaching the twilight of their career, they are then written-off and likened to a damaged vehicle.

As the Policy was not provided to NPWS staff for consultation, the PSA will be seeking further meetings with NPWS management raising our concerns.

The PSA understands many members were appointed to ongoing roles prior to the requirement of passing the moderate TBA, the PSA is of the view NPWS are now imposing a policy in retrospect.

Failure to reach an agreement on appropriate changes, the PSA intends to seek the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW to resolve the dispute.

PSA NPWS delegates

Ben Owers – Chair

Peter Mylan – Vice Chair

Janet Cavanaugh – Secretary

Alex Deura – Treasurer

Naomi Goosen – Women’s Contact Officer

Andrew Leach – Park Programs Representative

Steve (Stumpy) CarterField Officer Representative

Four delegates members

Danny Corcoran

Martin Smith

Angela Lewis and

Phuong Le

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