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NSW Ombudsman Change Management Plan update

NSW Ombudsman CMP - July 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA was provided with a Change Management Plan for the intended restructure of Ombudsman NSW on the same day it was provided to staff.

We briefly met with management directly following the off-site staff briefing. Three PSA delegates from the office also attended. We were advised all Role Descriptions would follow the day after.

The consultation period with the union and its members has therefore commenced. The PSA advised management that we would not necessarily delay any of the processes as we understand that staff have been waiting for a considerable time, but if necessary we would seek more time for our response. We wish to ensure our members are properly able to raise issues and have those issues genuinely addressed or responded to.

For us to adequately respond to management we need to hear the views of our members. This can include aspects of the restructure from how it affects you personally to how you feel it affects the agency you work for. The impact on you may be indirect (such as your job remaining but the loss of support from others). It may distinctly affect your role or even remove it. It may affect a colleague. You may have comments about the processes that are to follow. We are particularly interested in your views relating to the Role Descriptions.

We seek your views as soon as possible so we can properly advocate on your behalf. We have developed a strong group of Delegates in the work places. Please communicate with them and also Nick Player. Names are at the bottom of this bulletin.

The consultation period goes through to 6 August. If major issues exist, we will seek longer. As the placement process unfolds we will also keep a watch over the process and advocate for affected members.


Nick Player (PSA Industrial Officer) – ">

Steve Maguire
Caitlin Gleeson
Alex McSwiney

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