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NSW Ombudsman JCC – June 2019 (PDF version)

Meeting update

The PSA and Delegates met with management again on 5 June. With the restructure pending we are currently meeting on about a monthly basis. At a certain point we anticipate further meetings. Management has committed to consultation.

At today’s meeting we advised that there were significant morale issues in the organisation significantly relating to:

  • A lack of progression with the restructure (maintaining everyone’s state of uncertainty)
  • The pending cessation of some temporary contracts.

In regard to the first point, the PSA is aware of the importance of ensuring time for proper consultation in a restructure but also of not delaying so long that it further heightens the stress of employees. We have urged management to provide timelines to staff as soon as possible.

Note that as the restructure progresses the PSA may seek to hold it back a bit where we think speed is occurring at odds with effective and proper oversight, but we understand the negative impact of unnecessary delay.

The PSA sought clarity regarding the imminent cessation of some temporary contracts. We are advised that this has been understandably upsetting for some of those affected. We have sought clarity regarding the reasons for these cessations and particularly sought to be made aware if this ties in with the restructure.

Management advised that were not and have provided some rationale for the circumstances.

We further advised that we would put out a request to any affected members to contact us if they wished to discuss the matter. Further that we would then seek to discuss their concerns with management if our members desired. Other staff may be affected too. We welcome your views.

On another note you may remember in our last bulletin we advised of our discussions regarding inactive CCTV for interview rooms. We are advised that actions are currently progressing to reinstall the CCTV and this should occur in the near future. Rather than wait for the new financial year to commence the process it appears to be likely that it will be in place around that time.

Finally, please feel free to pass this information on to non-members and encourage them to join. The PSA is made stronger by increased numbers. The strength of the union aids in developing the strength of the Public Service. Your office is essential in ensuring a healthy state. As Governments continually demonstrate their ignorance of the value of public servants and imposes cuts and more cuts so it is that we must get stronger.

We also need to communicate with our friends and families out there about the importance of the Public Service and reverse that negative mindset perpetuated by the Government. Tell people how proud you are of what you do.

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