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NSW Police – Crime Scene Officers work bans

NSW Police – Crime Scene Officers work bans – May 2017 (PDF version)

As members are aware, FSG delegates and the PSA have attempted to have an Expert Allowance paid to civilian CSOs who carry out expert work, in line with the allowance paid to Sworn Officers who undertake these duties.

Work bans were previously imposed by civilian Fingerprint experts in February 2016 in support of the claim for Expert Allowance. These bans were lifted in good faith after a short period on the basis of an undertaking by NSW Police to discuss evaluating the positions to see if a regrade was warranted and to consider submissions from the PSA. This process has gone nowhere.

At a meeting of CSO members with expert status on 11 April 2017, a motion was unanimously passed to reinstate work bans after a fair period of notice had been given to NSW Police. This notice was provided formally on 4 May 2017 advising work bans would commence on 29 May 2017 and stay in force until such time as the NSW Police agreed to a credible process to progress the claim.

PSA endorses work bans

The PSA endorses the following bans for CSOs who have expert status in NSW Police, to commence Monday, 29 May 2017:

Fingerprint Experts

  1. Latent fingerprint identifications in casework (1st and 2nd checks)
  2. Suspect comparisons in casework (non-identifications)
  3. Preparation of ‘Fingerprint Expert Certificates’ (for use in court hearings)
  4. Preparation of ‘Fingerprint Identification Statements’ (prepared for the mention of a new matter in court)

Physical Evidence Experts

  1. Performing on-call crime scene duties as an AFFSAB expert
  2. Being the lead investigator/oversight at murders/critical incidents/or other complex scenes
  3. Completing Technical and Administrative reviews of expert certificates
  4. Triaging of exhibits on EFIMS

You are protected when following bans

Members are advised

  • This industrial action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association.
  • Any direction to perform work covered by these bans can and should be refused.
  • If members are approached to complete work covered by the PSA industrial bans, they should decline and refer their manager to this document.

Make sure your colleagues are protected, too

Only union members are protected when taking industrial action or following work bans. Speak to your colleagues about joining the union today to make sure they are protected.

If you are being harassed or pressured because of the bans, please immediately contact PSA Industrial Officer Andrew Wright on 0408 400 146 or

The PSA is your voice in the workplace. Not a member? JOIN today!

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