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NSW Police – Police radio bulletin

NSW Police – Police radio bulletin – May 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA has received advice from a number of members regarding an issue that may impact those in Police Radio who have relieved in the role of Senior Communications Officer.

The relevant information can be found in the following document: Higher Duties Policy and Procedures – Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees (October 2013).

The key points are in section 5.4 on Increments:

  • If an employee has received payment of one hundred percent of the allowance for twelve months, then the employee can progress by way of an allowance to the next incremental step. If the allowance has been discontinued during a period of leave, then the increment should be delayed by a period of time corresponding to the period of leave taken.
  • When an employee’s relieving duty has been over several discrete time periods then the separate relief periods are to be aggregated and taken into account for the purpose of incremental progression within the grade of the position. Aggregation does not apply over any break exceeding six months and any period of leave during which allowance was not paid is not counted in the aggregation.

Members who believe they have not received the correct Higher Duties Allowance (HDA), or have not progressed to the relevant increment based on aggregated time, should put in a claim with details and evidence of the error to their manager in order to have this amended (and where relevant, back pay to be organised).

Any member who has difficulty in having a rightful claim addressed should contact the PSA immediately on 1300 772 679.

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