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NSW Police: PSA Summer Campaign

PSA Summer Campaign in Police - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA Justice Team, which covers Police, is running a Summer Campaign to connect with members and set the direction for 2021. Police is one of our priority agencies for this campaign. Organisers will be endeavouring to visit all metro Police sites between now and March, speaking to members about what issues are important in your workplaces.

We are looking for what you – our members – want the PSA to focus on in 2021. If you have a specific time or day you would like a PSA representative to come and visit your workplace, reach out to your organiser, Glenn Duncan at .  

We started off the year focusing on Police with a podcast celebrating and discussing what some of our members do in Police, which you can listen to HERE.

Here are a few of the things we are currently working on for our members:

Special Constables

The union continues to prepare the Work Value Case for Special Constables and to pursue coverage by the Police Administrative Employees Award.

Moves from Parramatta to Olympic Park

Staff in Education and Training, SLED and DTI are moving from Parramatta to Olympic Park in May. The PSA is negotiating with the commands in allowing members work hybrid home/office rosters.

Policy review for flexible work

The PSA has asked NSW Police for a review of policies around flexible work, including working from home. We are preparing a submission to management and will be sending a survey to members to gather information for the submission. Keep an eye out for it and please take the time to fill it in.

Radio Shift Supervisors

Management has loaded up the Shift Supervisors at Sydney Radio with responsibility of real time managing radio operations across the whole state. Management is hiding behind the vagueness of the Role Description and refusing to grant a pay increase for the massive increase in responsibility. The PSA is preparing to run the case in the Industrial Relations Commission. 

Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

The PSA is working with members at the Aviation Support Branch to bring their pay and conditions into line with current licensing provisions. Negotiations around changes to the current Determination continue.


For more information on what the PSA does, not only in Police, but across the entire Public Service, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PSANSW.

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