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NSW Police – Radio Operations Group – member survey

NSW Police – Radio Operations Group member vote – Nov 2017 (PDF version)

At the request of members, the PSA has for some time been pursuing negotiations to encourage management to provide a pathway for part-time officers who wish to become full-time employees.

We are pleased to say that ROG management has acceded to our request and offered to employ an initial group of 18 full-time officers, subject to the parties reaching agreement on a satisfactory flexible roster.

A roster has now been negotiated and can be viewed HERE.   

It has the following features:

  • All officers currently on 12 hour shifts and 25% allowance in lieu of shift penalties will retain these conditions through a ‘grandfathering’ arrangement. Officers accepting a promotion to Shift Supervisor will move to the new roster
  • All part-time employees becoming full time and all future full time employees will not work according to the current 12 hour roster. They will instead work according to a roster which provides at least a 4 day week (i.e. minimum 6 RLDs per 6 week roster cycle)
  • Employees on the new roster will receive shift penalties in accordance with the Communications Officers Award
  • Shift lengths will range between 7 hours and 12 hours. 12 hour shifts can only be worked either as single shifts, no more than 3 per roster cycle, or in blocks of 3 per week in accordance with the current 12 hour roster
  • This means that employees on the new roster will work a mixture of 4 day and 3 day weeks. This effectively allows officers to be rostered according to the patterns currently worked by part-timers, while being able to slot into the 12 hour roster where required.

The PSA believes that this proposal is a good compromise and endorses it. It guarantees regular days off combined with protections for fatigue management, while providing shift lengths which allow the maintenance of the current system of varying staffing levels to meet demand.

We are now asking members to vote on this proposal – please complete the survey HERE

Only PSA members can vote in the survey and responses must be received by close of business Wednesday 29 November.

Any non-members wishing to join the PSA and vote in the survey can do so HERE

A union workplace is a stronger and fairer workplace – get your colleagues involved today!

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