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NSW Police Radio work bans

NSW Police Radio work bans – August 2017 (PDF version)

As members are aware, VKG delegates and the PSA have had multiple meetings with management around the implementation of 50/20 meal crib breaks. We raised concerns about the effect such changes would have on fatigue management and morale, as well arguing management had no right to simply overturn more than 20 years of custom and practice.

The PSA offered a compromise that would have seen 60-minute meal breaks retained and crib breaks reduced to 20 minutes. It was refused. We offered a compromise to potentially agree with implementation if concrete offers could be made around a minimum staffing agreement and increased employment of full-time staff. It was refused.

Management forged ahead with implementation anyway and, by all accounts, the result has been chaotic and detrimental to the workforce, as the PSA predicted. Members have contacted us from all across the state furious about the change and the constant erosion of conditions at VKG.

After surveying members in the past couple of months from across all centres, the sentiment is universal – it’s time for action!

PSA endorses work bans

The PSA endorses the following bans for civilian staff in Police Radio (VKG). The bans are to commence in Sydney and Penrith immediately and be rolled out to the other centres in the near future.

Members should:

  1. refuse to take phone calls on merged channels
  2. refuse to work a channel solo (there must be a dispatcher and an offsider, no shared offsider)
  3. revert to taking 60-minute meal breaks and 30-minute crib breaks
  4. refuse to sit with trainees unless they are on the fourth-year increment
  5. log in to “hard phone” instead of “soft phone”.

You are protected when following bans

Members are advised:

  • this industrial action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association
  • any direction to perform work covered by these bans can and should be refused
  • if members are approached to complete work covered by the PSA industrial bans, they should decline and refer their manager to this document.

Make sure your colleagues are protected, too

Only union members are protected when taking industrial action or following work bans. Speak to your colleagues about joining the union today to make sure they are protected.

The PSA will have no hesitation enforcing your collective rights in the Industrial Relations Commission.

If you are being harassed or pressured because of the bans, please immediately contact:

PSA Organiser Roland Harris on 0438 402 503 or .

The PSA is your voice in the workplace. Not a member? JOIN today!

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