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NSW Police Re-engineering bulletin

NSW Police Re-engineering bulletin – October 2017 (PDF version)

Placement Strategy for Civilian Staff

As members are aware, NSW Police announced the amalgamation of Local Area Commands in the Metropolitan region on 6 October 2017.

The PSA notes it is the prerogative of a Government Department to implement a restructure, subject to the obligation to consult on relevant matters and follow due processes. Re-engineering is a project of the NSW Police Commissioner; not one the PSA has ownership of.

A consultation process has been established and the PSA has been actively working to protect our members’ interests during re-engineering. As a member, you have a seat at the table via the PSA’s involvement in the fortnightly meetings of the Re-engineering Taskforce.

The PSA has fought to negotiate a Placement Strategy for affected civilian staff, which has now been finalised with NSW Police and can be seen HERE.

The key components of the agreement achieved by the PSA are:

  • Automatic placement for positions within a Command where skills and capabilities match requirements and there is only one substantive employee for a particular position
  • Where the number of permanent employees exceeds the positions available, priority assessments against the capability requirements will be coordinated
  • Permanent staff not placed via the options above will have priority for available vacancies internally at their substantive grade across NSW Police, prior to external advertisement
  • Excess employees after these steps will be managed in accordance with the NSW Government Managing Excess Employees (MEE) Policy available HERE.

This negotiated Placement Strategy is in addition to government restructure policies and provides redeployment processes prior to staff being declared excess. The PSA will monitor the implementation of the Placement Strategy and will advocate for our members affected by re-engineering.


Look out for meeting notices and bulletins and advise the PSA of any developments and matters of concern.

Please remember that the PSA can only represent its members.

Call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or email: with ‘Police Re-Engineering’ as the subject.

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