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NSW Police – Re-Engineering update

NSW Police – Re-Engineering update – September 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA met with NSW Police on 14 September 2017 to discuss the Re-Engineering Project.

The PSA also met with NSW Police HR to discuss the Change Management processes.


NSW Police advise that at this stage there have been no decisions made about LAC amalgamations or other significant structural changes.

The PSA is very concerned about the lack of information to date, especially given the PSA wrote to NSW Police seeking consultation on 26 May 2017, and lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on 17 August 2017.

The PSA notes that NSW Police are having discussions in regional NSW about LAC amalgamations and staff being affected by amalgamations, but have failed to provide the PSA with any information of substance to date.

The PSA opposes job losses in regional NSW, and has not been provided with any information that would justify the reduction of unsworn officer positions.

The PSA is also concerned that NSW Police is making business decisions without understanding the nature of the work of unsworn officers, and without taking into account crucial factors such as workload, service delivery obligations and the need to support sworn Police Officers in their duties.

The PSA notes that an obligation under the State Government’s Agency Change Management Guidelines is that NSW Police must prepare a Rural Impact statement and are required to take into account the impact of job losses on a rural community and the limited opportunities of re-employment for regional staff.

In having open discussion in regional NSW about LAC amalgamations without providing the PSA with relevant information, NSW Police are denying the PSA and our members the opportunity to have meaningful input into any business decisions.

There is no official documentation on the proposal/restructure/re-engineering, however, we are aware that your workplaces are full of rumour and suspicion fuelled by leaks of differing reliability.

We are calling on NSW Police to release its proposal and Change Management Plan as soon as possible and end stressful speculation.

As soon as it is released and the full facts are provided, and it includes job or station cuts, we will vigorously represent your interests and your communities through every industrial avenue available.

Re-Engineering HR

The PSA has commenced its fortnightly meetings with NSW Police to discuss HR processes.

NSW Police HR has advised it is working on a Draft Placement Strategy and Change Management Plan which will be provided to the PSA shortly for consultation.

The PSA has been receiving constructive feedback from members and invites continued feedback to ensure that all relevant matters are raised with NSW Police during consultation.


Look out for meeting notices and bulletins and advise the PSA of any developments and matters of concern.

Please remember that the PSA can only represent its members.

Call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679

Or email: with ‘Police Re-Engineering’ as the subject.

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