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NSW Police – Special Constables Award bargaining process

NSW Police – Special Constables Award bargaining process – February 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA met with NSW Police on 18 January 2017 as part of the Award Bargaining Process.

During the meeting the PSA was advised NSW Police has had clarification from Public Sector Industrial Relations in relation to the Award-bargaining parameters. As a result NSW Police provided the following information in relation to the bargaining process:

  • The Award bargaining process is for the purpose of converting the Ministerial leave conditions to a new Award as a result of Special Constables now being employed under the Police Act.
  • NSW Police is in the process of preparing a draft Award applying specifically to Special Constables which would replicate as far as possible the provisions of the Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees) Award 2009.
  • NSW Police is seeking guidance from Public Sector Industrial Relations relation to the draft Award, which is likely to be ready within the next four weeks.
  • It is likely that the new Award will result in better conditions for Special Constables, including in areas such as sick leave, where the provisions are very inadequate compared to the rest of the public sector.
  • NSW Police does not intend including some of the Log of Claim provisions in the draft Award, such as clauses relating to firearms and lockers. However, the PSA will continue to press for inclusion of these provisions in the new Award.
  • NSW Police indicated pay or regrading claims are not part of the bargaining parameters and are a separate process.
  • NSW Police and the PSA will meet in about four weeks when the draft Award is available.

In relation to the above advice, the PSA notes the following:

  • The PSA will continue to press for the inclusion of the Log of Claims provisions in the new Award, noting the specialist nature of the work of Special Constables, and the risks and challenges in the work environment.
  • The PSA will consult with members in relation to the provisions of the draft Award provided by NSW Police.
  • The PSA is in the process of collating information to support a regrading or pay claim and invites feedback from members about relevant matters, such as the changing nature of work in the Security Management Unit.

The PSA thanks delegates for their help and commitment in this matter and will engage with delegates and throughout this process.

The PSA will fight to improve the conditions of Special Constables and to promote the important service that Special Constables provide for the people of NSW.

If you are a member and wish to provide feedback to the PSA about this process, please speak to your PSA Bargaining Delegate or contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Your Bargaining Delegates are

  • Brett Soper
  • Scott Pitt
  • Justin Tamplin

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