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NSW Trustee & Guardian Bulletin

NSW Trustee & Guardian bulletin – October 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA met with NSW Trustee and Guardian on 28 September 2015 in accordance with recommendations of the Industrial Relations Commission.

The PSA expressed its strong concerns about the workload issues affecting our members and provided a copy of the recent PSA survey to CEO, Ms Imelda Dodds. The PSA sought assurances that NSW Trustee and Guardian would work to resolve these issues and have a plan to deal with workflow during the transformation process.

Ms Dodds gave an undertaking to review the findings and invited PSA to nominate any specific branches or areas where workload was a problem The PSA will continue to consult with Trustee and Guardian about this issue.

At the meeting, the PSA indicated its opposition to the spill and fill process outlined in the Draft Transition Plan.

The PSA also undertook to provide its position in relation to the plan by 12 October 2015, after we have had the time to review the establishment information and consult with members. The PSA will be seeking to ensure a fair process is applied to our members during any organisational transformation.

The PSA is in the process of visiting NSW Trustee and Guardian offices and talking to members as part of the consultation process, and will continue to press for a resolution of matters of concern.

What you can do:

  • Attend any meetings concerning the Trustee and Guardian change management process
  • Talk to your delegates about the NSW Trustee and Guardian change management process.

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