Industrial Bulletin NSW Police Force - Minimum Staffing Agreement and Safe Staffing Levels Application - Public Service Association

Member’s attention is drawn to previous industrial bulletins regarding these matters.

Following an application by NSW Police to have this matter struck out in the Industrial Relations Commission, an Interlocutory Hearing was requested by NSW Police. The dispute had, previously, been set down for 3 days hearing in October 2013. The interlocutory proceedings commenced on 22 October and were adjourned until 26 November 2013.

During the course of the resumed hearing before Her Honour, Justice Backman, on Tuesday 26 November, further instructions were sought by Counsel representing the Association and following discussion with senior PSA Industrial Staff, it was decided that the PSA’s application should be further amended, so as to leave only the consultation claim in respect of merging and transferring of channels.

Whilst evidence submitted by the NSW Police lacked evidentiary basis, with several paragraphs ‘struck out’ by Her Honour on objection, the decision to amend the application was made to avoid potential ramifications for the wider Public Sector.

The Association is aware that most members are willing to accept changes to work practices, including the merging of channels, however remain concerned both by the manner in which this occurs [when it occurs], what parameters exist and what systems are in place to properly assess all facets of workload, including channel transmission activity levels.

A teleconference for Radio Operations Group Delegates and PSA Staff was held on Friday 29 November to consider how the Consultative provisions should be progressed. Advice on the amended clause will be provided by the PSA’s solicitor, and Members will be advised when this is finalised and lodged.

The Association would appreciate constructive feedback from members to their respective Delegates and/or your PSA Industrial Staff via .

Your feedback and the input of the elected Delegates will continue to be the basis for the application, which aims to achieve appropriate consultation in your workplace when decisions are made by your employer that affect Members in the performance of their duties and, we believe, frequently creates unmanageable, unreasonable and, potentially, unsafe working conditions for civilian and sworn Staff of NSW Police.

NSWPF Bulletin – 5 December 2013 (PDF)

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