OEH National Parks and Wildlife Service member update

NPWS member update – 5 October 2017 (PDF version)

As flagged in our last bulletin, the PSA met with OEH yesterday to discuss a number of matters.

These included:

Salary matching principles

  • In order to ensure that any member who wished to be considered for a role in the new structure with a lower remuneration had the opportunity to do so with their consent, when considering if a new role is within 5% of the current role, any loading (including 5/7) should not be considered for this purpose
  • No member will be directed to apply for such a role with lower remuneration; it is merely an option at the initiation of the member. Voluntary redundancy will be paid for any member whose current role is deleted and does not wish to be placed in a role with lower remuneration
  • Any member who is subsequently placed in a role with lower remuneration will receive 3 months’ salary maintenance.

OEH indicated they would seek further advice as to these principles as soon as possible.

In addition, the PSA discussed a number of other key points.  These included:

  • Those positions already marked as deleted in the new structure, an EOI to be distributed for preferences including voluntary redundancy before any recruitment. The PSA is aware of similar EOIs being offered to a specific group of staff and seek that the same consideration be given to others
  • Recruitment to positions should be done in a top down cascading manner to mitigate any adverse effect and ensure that staff have the greatest opportunity to be placed in a role in the new structure
  • Affected staff have an opportunity to apply for newly created positions in the Biodiversity Conservation Trust before any external recruitment
  • Area admin staff to remain as Clerk 3/4 where admin staff support is not co-located. The current plan has a number of 3/4 positions deleted and replaced with 1/2 positions.  The PSA is also seeking an explanation as to the specific functions which will be removed that have guided NPWS’s decision thus far
  • A NPWS wide review will be undertaken with PSA involvement to identify any roles which should be classified as seven day roster workers due to their routine weekend work
  • Whilst we welcome the addition of an extra area to 37, we maintain our position that a minimum of 40 is required.

The PSA believes that the manner of engagement in consultation across the board hasn’t been acceptable. However, the PSA will continue discussions in good faith to ensure members concerns are being voiced.  The PSA and OEH are back in the Industrial Relations Commission on Wednesday 11 October.

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