Office of Environment and Heritage and National Parks and Wildlife Service member bulletin - Public Service Association

Office of Environment and Heritage and National Parks and Wildlife Service member bulletin

Office of Environment and Heritage and National Parks and Wildlife Service member bulletin – August 2017 (PDF version)

As per agreement in the Industrial Relations Commission, PSA delegates and industrial staff met with NPWS management 9 August 2017. NPWS was to provide the PSA with details and data around impacts, process, staff numbers, role descriptions options and other relevant information relating to the NPWS transition. Delegates present at the meeting represented administration staff, project officers and Senior Rangers, Rangers, PSA field staff, AOCs, AMs and other specialists.

Unfortunately, NPWS informed us at the meeting it was not in a position to provide that information. Consequently NPWS provided communication to all staff advising, “We will not be in a position to finalise consultation and provide written advice to staff on their next steps next week as originally proposed. We know this could be frustrating for some, but we are committed to getting the structures right”.

As per Chief Commissioners Kite’s directions, there is no timeframe on the consultation period. Therefore, the PSA does not consider consultation has started, due to the lack of basic relevant information associated with any restructure.

The parties are due to return to the IRC 16 August 2017 for a report back on the basis that the PSA would be provided documentation to engage our membership in proper consultation.

If OEH does not acknowledge Chief Commissioner Kite’s recommendations not to put a time limit on consultation, the PSA will seek orders against NPWS that consultation does not start until all relevant documentation is provided to the PSA and our members.

The PSA and delegates are conscious of potential delays to members. However, feedback from you has shown overwhelming support for a proper process and to ensure outcomes are properly considered rather than a rushed and flawed restructure.

The PSA reaffirms its commitment to support all members across all classifications and we look forward to your continued feedback, support and solidarity.

Could you please provide feedback to the following email or your NPS delegates:

Steve Carter
Ben Owers
Alex Deura
Janet Cavanaugh
Alexandra Wyatt
George Malolakis
John Holcombe
Ken England
Kim De Govrik
Peter Clark
Tegan Burton
Anita Zubovic
Sarah Sabil
Trish Swain
Martin Smith

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