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Office of Environment and Heritage – update on IRC

Office of Environment and Heritage – update on IRC – October 2016 (PDF version)

On 14 September, the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) lodged a dispute notification in the IRC relating to the PSA imposing work bans. The matter was listed before Commissioner Newall. Commissioner Newall made strong recommendations for the PSA to lift the bans, which your union complied with.

Also per the recommendations, parties were to meet. Sustainability meetings were held on 28 September and 7 October 2016. Commissioner Newell, in handing down his recommendations, granted both parties liberty to relist the matter before the Commission at short notice if necessary.

On 7 October, at the sustainability meeting OEH agreed to form a committee comprising of PSA delegates and management to develop the Terms of Reference for the regional committees as per the Award. The PSA was of the understanding that these regional committees were to look at weekend-rostering in each region as per the Award.

The PSA has been given a copy of the NPWS Deputy Chief Executive’s memorandum No. 22/2016 dated 19 October 2016, advising staff of an update on NPWS and CED roster template rollout. The PSA had not been engaged in any consultation as per agreed outcomes of the 7 October sustainability meeting.

On the basis that there had been no consultation with the PSA prior to Deputy Chief Executive’s memorandum being issued, the PSA relisted the matter in the IRC.

The matter was heard before Commissioner Newall on Friday, 28 October 2016.

Your union advised the Commissioner OEH management failed to consult with the PSA prior to issuing the memorandum. The PSA sought directions from the Commissioner to have Deputy Chief Executive’s memo withdrawn until such time as regional committees were formed as per the Award.

Commissioner Newell requested the Department write to staff to advise that work was to cease on the 12-month rostering template and that the roster is in DRAFT form only until such time as genuine and appropriate consultation takes place with the PSA and regional committees formed to examine if working 45 weekend days are operationally necessary and efficient for NPWS field operations.

The PSA will relist the matter in the IRC if OEH does not comply with Commissioner Newall’s request.

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