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Office of Environment & Heritage Parks and wildlife – Award variation

Office-of-environment-heritage-parks-and-wildlife-award-variation-september-2016 (PDF version)

As you were advised in Bulletin No: 4 and 5, the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) and Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) could not come to agreement on an Award variation.

On 7 September 2016, Communication sent all staff a seven-day Roster Review and Statewide rostering template, authored by Deputy Chief Executive Michael Wright, (Deputy Chief Executive Memo).

Staff were advised OEH had written to the unions to initiate a seven-day roster review for Rangers and Field Offices classifications.

The PSA received formal notification on 7 September 2016 of OEH’s proposal. The PSA’s position has always been not to trade-off award conditions. This remains your union’s position.

The PSA advises members of the no-extra-claims clause in the award and that it was extremely premature of the Department to issue a memo advising of the new roster system protocol in the absence of any consultation with the union at this point.

The PSA directs members not to engage in this process until formal and proper consultation takes place between OEH and the PSA.

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