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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions: Workload and workload weighting

Workload Weighting - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

As members would be aware, the existing Workload Management Agreement (WMA), which remains in force, was negotiated and signed on 13 December 2004 by Gary Corkill, Manager of Personnel Services. A copy of this agreement is attached HERE.

As part of the existing WMA, a lawyer’s practice is to range from 22 to 28 in the city (average 25), and 15 to 22 in the country (average 20). The average is over six months.

Despite this, many members have advised that their practice size exceeds a weighting of 40. Further, many members have advised they are working well in excess of their contracted 35 hours per week on a consistent basis. This is in clear breach of the existing WMA and creates clear work, health and safety concerns.

The PSA has written to the Director regarding the non-compliance of the WMA by the Office. In particular, the PSA expressed that while the process of determining a new WMA is underway, it is likely to be some time before any new WMA is finalised.

Accordingly, the PSA has demanded that the existing WMA be complied with.

Should this not occur, the PSA has informed the ODPP that it will advise members, in order to ensure that their weighted practice does not exceed 25, to return all files to their managing lawyers for re-allocation. Members will be updated as soon as the ODPP responds.

Your PSA staff

Alex Sala Organiser  
Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer

What can you do?

  • Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA online at:
  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.


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