Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions members' meeting - Public Service Association

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions members’ meeting

Wednesday, 18 May 2022


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  1. IMPORTANT: Update on the PSA Award Application in Industrial Relations Commission
  2. To alert members of the upcoming Departmental Committee elections in July 2022
  3. Trial of monthly state-wide PSA meetings going forward
  4. PSA Salary Campaign 2022
  5. General Business and any member issues.

From this meeting we are going to trial a monthly state-wide PSA meeting.

Our proposal is trial monthly state-wide meetings until the Departmental Committee elections and the election of the Chair, Vice Chair and those various Executive positions. The ODPP PSA Executive will decide if our state-wide meetings will continue following their election and consultation with the membership.


If unable to join via MS Teams, please send your concerns or points to Organiser Alex Sala.
0439 443 851

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