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Office of the Sheriff Women’s Steering Committee

Office of the Sheriff Women’s Steering Committee – August 2018 (PDF version)

On 20 August 2018, members of the PSA Office of the Sheriffs attended the first Women’s Steering Committee teleconference. Issues that pertained particularly to women within this male-dominated area were addressed, such as access to showers and change rooms, as well as the lack of women in leadership positions.

The PSA is dedicated to stamping out gender inequality within all workplaces, and we are aware that one of the ways to do this is by ensuring women have a voice, which is the goal of this Steering Committee.

In order to run efficiently and effectively, nominations for the Chair and the Secretary are open until 25 September 2018. The role of the Chair of this Committee would be to run the meeting and put together a brief outline of what was discussed that can be given out to all members (similar to this).

The role of the Secretary would be to take notes during the meeting, and ensure the minutes were available to all members when asked, as well as circulated to all members of the Committee at the end of each meeting.

If you are not already involved, I would highly suggest that you get involved with the Committee. It’s a really good place to bring up any issues that you are having, especially if you believe them to be because you are a woman.

To get involved, please email . You do have to be a member of the PSA, but if you know any women who are not members and want to be involved, please share this bulletin with them, and ask them to email the above address.

Our next teleconference will be held on Wednesday, 3 October 2018 at 2pm.

If you’re interested in attending please email .

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