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OLGR relocation of General Licensing staff dispute update

OLGR relocation of General Licensing staff dispute update (PDF version)

The PSA have been involved in a dispute with NSW Trade and Investment over the forced transfer of OLGR staff from Parramatta back to 323 Castlereagh Street just 18 months after moving.

After successfully delaying the move 4 weeks whilst the PSA forced Trade and Investment to consult, we were not able to come to an agreement on many issues and the matter was listed before the Industrial Relations Commission on 22 October.

The matter has been relisted for Thursday 27 November before Commissioner Newell.

The reason it needed to be relisted is that the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) did not attend the first appearance on 22 October.

The PSA will be pressing the Commission to facilitate staff from both agencies (OLGR and ILGA) having access to a transfer from either 323 Castlereagh Street to 2-10 Valentine Street Parramatta or vice versa.

Some members have already expressed an interest in a ‘swap’ from their current worksite.

In some cases the decision to relocate both agencies has had an adverse impact on their personal circumstances.

So far ILGA have refused to facilitate job swaps and Trade and Investment have dismissed the adverse effect this refusal may have on staff.

The ability to ‘swap’ is available to be implemented and is contained at Part 6 Transfers and Secondments, Government Sector Employment Rules 2014 Rules 29-31.

Transfer of employees between government sector agencies

(1) A government sector employee may be transferred to the service of another government sector agency by agreement between the agency heads.

Members who have not expressed an interest in a ‘swap’ or transfer and feel they would like to pursue this should contact PSA delegate Lisa Armstrong-Cook and give her your details. This would include:

  • the grade of your position;
  • a copy of your PD; and
  • your Job Title.

Lisa can be contacted at

If you are not a member: join today so that the PSA can advocate on your behalf.

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