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OneFACS Realignment – meeting to discuss member concerns

OneFACS Realignment – meeting to discuss member concerns May 2015 (PDF version)

Since the announcement that FACS is required to find savings of $70 million annually, your union the PSA, along with PSA delegates, have been meeting with FACS management to ensure members concerns are heard and taken into account.

Many members have told the PSA that this realignment has them fearing for their livelihoods.

Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner, along with PSA delegates and staff held a meeting with affected employees and members on 11 March 2015.

At this meeting the key issues of concern raised which were:

  • The absence of a detailed Change Management Plan.
  • Lack of information provided to employees.
  • What the change will mean for long term temporary employees.
  • The possibility of all employees being “spilled” from their jobs and being forced to reapply for them.

These issues have been put to management and further discussed at a meeting on 20 April 2015.

Following this meeting, the PSA wrote to the Director of Human Relations John Bailey reiterating these concerns.

In addition, attached to the letter was the Family and Community Services Staff Management Plan Version 2.0 dated May 2013.

You can read that letter HERE

You can read the attachment to the letter HERE

The PSA is advocating for a fairer process to be adopted, similar to that applied in 2013.

The process being advocated includes:

  • Implementation of a clear set of procedures for managing non-executive staff affected by the OneFACS reorganisation.
  • Limitation of potential job losses through closed internal recruitment processes.
  • Job/redundancy swaps.

We have also advocated calling for voluntary redundancies prior to any recruitment being undertaken.

The PSA will be holding follow up meetings with all staff as the realignment continues.

What can you do?

  • Print the letter and the 2013 Staff Management Plan and discuss them with your colleagues.
  • Raise any issues you are experiencing with your delegates in your workplace.
  • Talk to your colleagues about joining the PSA and attending union meetings.
  • Attend all meetings and briefing so you have as much information about the realignment as possible.

Your Workplace Committee:

Brenda Padgett               Maria de Pasion-Tangaroa

Michael King                   Wen Robinson

Brendan McMenamin       Cristina de Jongh

Women’s Officer – Angela Smith

PSA FACS + Health Team Leader – Siobhan Callinan

PSA FACS Senior Industrial Advocate – Thane Pearce

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