Overseer – Facility Maintenance bulletin - Public Service Association

Overseer – Facility Maintenance bulletin

Facility Maintenance - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

The Executive has identified that we have members in Facility Maintenance around the state who do not officially belong to a sub-branch. This means members are not being represented to the best of the PSA’s wishes.

In the city courts, sites are grouped into close geographical sub-branches, each of which have Delegates. We would like to set up similar sub-branches for Overseers in Facility Maintenance, depending on the amount of members we have in specific locations. 

If you work in Facility Maintenance and you are a PSA/POVB member please contact Clinton Lamb and Nicole Jess to let them know your location.

Once the information has been collated, sub-branches will be determined and a bulletin will go out informing members from Facility Maintenance of the sub-branches and asking for delegates to be nominated.

Contact details

Nicole Jess Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton Vice Chairperson
0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter Secretary
0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland Assistant Secretary
0447 633 476

Darren King Country Vice Chair
0407 935 039

Natalie Howes Country Vice Chair
0407 011 441

Clinton Lamb Vice Chair Overseer
0400 709 144

David McCauley POVB Industrial Officer
0419 022 767

David Bartle POVB Industrial Officer
0418 425 976

Trish O’Brien Welfare Officer
0412 120 391

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