Parklea Correctional Centre – 2GB Ray Hadley 31/07/2019

Four ‘disturbing’ assaults on prison guards in one week at notorious Sydney jail

Ray Hadley has revealed there’s been a concerning spate of assaults on prison guards at the notorious Parklea Correctional Centre.

The prison has been riddled by scandals over recent years, resulting GEO Group being dumped as the jail’s private operator last year.

Parklea is now run by MTC-Broadspectrum, but multiple officers have contacted Ray to express their concern about the dangerous working conditions at the prison.

They claim many of the officers are inexperienced, overworked and undertrained.

MTC-Broadspectrum has now confirmed that since they took charge in April, there have been 21 assaults on staff by inmates (full statement below).

Four prison guards have been assaulted in the past week alone.

But  Public Service Association (PSA) General Secretary Stewart Little tells Ray management is willing to work with them to improve the situation.

“We’re actually meeting with them on the ground as we speak because there was quite a serious assault just a couple of days ago.

“We’ve had a number of officers assaulted, which disturbs us greatly.

“It’s not good enough and we need to make sure that we sort out the safety issues on the ground there very, very quickly.”

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Four ‘disturbing’ assaults on prison guards in one week at notorious Sydney jail

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