PCC Update - Public Service Association

PCC Update

Last Monday, 26 July the PSA and combined unions met with the Department for our monthly Peak Consultative Committee (PCC) meeting. This meeting provided an opportunity for the PSA to bring forward many of the issues that members have raised.

This bulletin will summarise some of the main issues raised during this meeting.

Recruitment: AI and Psychometric testing

The PSA raised the issue of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and psychometric testing in recruitment.

  • The organisation confirmed they are not using AI for video interviewing options at present.

The PSA also asked for information around the use of psychometric testing in recruitment.

  • The Department confirmed that psychometric testing is used for Senior Service roles as well as for entry level roles. For all other award roles testing is being used on an ad hoc basis.

If an individual has undertaken a certain type of assessment, the results are valid for one year. However, generally candidates are only required to undertake an assessment once. There are a number of practice tests that individuals can find online as well as practice questions for each test.

Career Transition Program Training

An update was given by the Department on the career transition program and training that is offered to staff. There are currently structured programs tailored to the individual and the organisation is working to try and improve the tailoring of these programs. The idea is that the training available will focus on particular skills.

Members who are a part of the program are encouraged to have a conversation with their manager around training available to them.

Priority Assessments

The PSA raised the issue that some displaced staff have been informed that if they are applying for a role in another branch they will not receive priority assessment. The Department confirmed that priority placement is granted to all unplaced employees when applying for positions. Resumes are released to the business for consideration according to the priority assessment order.

If you are an unplaced member of staff your resume will be made available before other applicants. This process is managed centrally by the talent team.

Personal Salary

The PSA raised with the Department the issue of personal salaries and award increases in pay. Members have been in touch with us to raise this as a concern and to say that management have informed them that they would not receive any increases in pay to their personal salary until the award grades ‘catch up’.

Transport took this issue on notice and will report back to us.

Pulse Survey

A discussion was held around the most recent Pulse Survey results, particularly noting that in the most recent results:

  • Fewer people feel supported by their direct leader
  • Confidence has decreased in the decisions leaders make for the organisation.

A TfNSW representative will present at the next meeting around the Pulse Survey results and the actions transport is taking moving forward.

Job Swap Program

An update was given on the new changes to the job swap program. Particularly noting the addition of the 6 common roles which can be swapped between branches. Transport is to give an update on these changes next meeting.

The full minutes of the PCC meeting will be made available on the intranet.

If   you have any further questions around any of the content of this bulletin feel free to reach out to your organiser Ben James, E: .

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