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Perrottet’s obsession with punishing public sector workers will hurt everyone

Budget - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

It’s just not fair.

In his budget speech on Tuesday, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet spoke of his pride in our state. But actions speak louder than words; and the budget does nothing for the NSW public sector workers who have done so much for NSW this year.

Instead of thanks, the budget puts a 1.5 per cent cap on public sector pay increases for the next four years. Factoring in the Federal Government’s planned superannuation increase, this equates to an annual one per cent pay rise over four years.

This announcement comes shortly after the Government handed out a miserly 0.3 per cent pay rise to its employees.

The budget proved the Government is happy to spend on projects that assist the male-dominated construction industry, but is neglecting the public service, which is more than 60 per cent female.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said the budget was a sad reflection on the Berejiklian Government that relied so heavily on its workers to keep schools and government services open, contact-tracing services running and gaols COVID-free, and after PSA/CPSU NSW members were on the frontline all summer, fighting ferocious bushfires and drought.

Your union believes the best and fairest form of pandemic economic stimulus is not in a voucher for a café, but to give the modestly paid people working for the public a fair pay rise considering their extraordinary efforts this year.

Members may have noticed a little extra in their pay packets recently due to a tax cut from the Federal Government. So while Canberra has tried to stimulate the economy, the NSW Treasurer has done the opposite.

The PSA/CPSU NSW knows public sector workers would use any extra money from the Government to invest in their local communities and small businesses. Better yet, the NSW Government might actually create new public sector jobs to assist the community and boost the economy.

During 2020, it has been the everyday champions in the public sector who put their safety on the line to save our state from death and economic ruin. And even now the Treasurer’s instinct is to treat these workers like the enemy.

The PSA/CPSU NSW has issued a press release on its reaction to the budget. You can view the release HERE.


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